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TOTD: DJ Mayhem – Inesse

If you read Drumtrip frequently, the chances are you know all about today’s Tune Of The Day. It might not have appeared on all the major label licenced Jungle compilations back in the day, but this is definitely one for the heads. To the best of my knowledge DJ Mayhem started out in 1992 on

More Rockers – You’re Gonna (Make Me) (Roni Size & DJ Krust Remix)

A super cut up amen attack from the Bristol boys remixing some other Bristol boys back in 1995. More Rockers were formed by one of the members of the influential Smith & Mighty who contributed to the breakbeat hardcore movement of the late 80s. They put out some nice varied releases on their eponymous label,

Peanut Planet – Thru The Fire

An early production from a man who went on to bigger things with a slightly different sound, the debut release from the chap they call Seba under the slightly odd Peanut Planet guise. It all sounds very similar to Omni Trio and, in fact, this could well have been a track tucked away on any

Q Project ‎– Champion Sound (Doc Scott Remix)

Q Projects’ Champion Sound needs no introduction but the remix by Doc Scott released in 1994 is a very different take on the original. Normally when an artist remixes a track they either play it safe and keep it close to the original or go for the riskier option of producing their own interpretation of

Tune Of The Day: DJ Monita – The Party (Remix)

TOTD is a dark classic by DJ Monita…. The original version of “The Party”, under the Skeleton Krew alias, was the second release from Skeleton Records in early 1993. The remix however by Monita is definitely my favourite. It takes things in a slightly more ‘drum and bass’ direction and is a shade darker with eerie

E.P.S. Man – Shockout

I have no idea who E.P.S. Man is but Spotlight was a label that, I think, had something to do with Basement Records/Vinyl Distribution. A few of the other releases on here were by well known producers under pseudonyms so the the quality many of them is pretty high. It’s a label that’s not particularly