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Droppin’ Science – Volume 2 (EZ Rollers Remix)

The original Droppin’ Science – Vol 2 tune is a slightly weird, but awesome, piece of mid-90s jungle. Very experimental with its crazy drum programming and strange samples, especially considering the total tear out track that it followed (Volume 1). The EZ Rollers’ remix of “Rollin'” takes it down a more traditional route with their trademark synths,

S.T. Files – Sky High

Mark XTC & Marcus Intalex’s label put out a handful of nice releases back in the mid 90s, the biggest probably being their I Like It remix which received heavy plays at the time and still pops up in old sets a fair bit. The rest of the releases are well worth checking out if

Intense – The Sax Lick

Rarely has a production team put out such a relatively small number of releases yet managed to almost effortlessly cover so many changing musical styles in the hardcore & jungle spectrum. Starting out releasing straight up hardcore on Underground Level the trio went on to produce some awesome stuff in ’93 for Rugged Vinyl. By

Top Star & Master Flexxer – Armed & Dangerous Part 1

Top Star and Master Flexxer AKA The Junglites AKA Sophisticated Bad Boyz had a handful of releases on various labels back in the 93-95 period but it was the tracks on the Wicked Soundz label that really hit the spot for me. Their productions were super raw and dirty jungle with hectic beats, scattered ragga

L Double – The Mad Phunk

L Double’s Flex Records was on fire back in ’95, in my mind at least. His tracks from then were perfect examples of  bouncy, steppin’ jungle laced with hip hop samples and booming basslines. This one, nicking a cheesy as you like vocal from crooners Boyz II Men, has always been a fav of mine. Tucked

Low Noise Block – Rave In A Bedroom Pt 3

Everyone favourite Young Ones sample! Low Noise Block AKA Potential Bad Boy first released this on the excellent Ibiza Records back in 1991. This remix came about in ’92 and being a bit of a sucker for a cheesy piano this one has always been my favourite of the bunch. Depeche Mode fans should also