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Introduced to Jungle/Drum and Bass in 2001. Semi retired raver. I also run a small contemporary drum and bass/jungle label on behalf of Law called Repertoire.

Exocet – Demon Seed

Ian James AKA Exocet is a bit of an enigma having only had two releases on the short lived “Dirty Mac” label. One of these however (and the feature of this post) was the anthem Demon Seed. I first heard it on DJ DB’s excellent “Shades of Technology” mix cd and was instantly hooked on how

MLO – New Generation (Boymerang Remix)

Graham Sutton AKA Boymerang needs no introduction. Though he only released 7 Singes/Ep’s and the seminal album Balance of the Force he had a brief but lasting impact on the Jungle/Drum and Bass scene. Throughout his time as Boymerang he was in high demand for remixes. The remix of MLO’s – New Generation is in

Q Project ‎– Champion Sound (Doc Scott Remix)

Q Projects’ Champion Sound needs no introduction but the remix by Doc Scott released in 1994 is a very different take on the original. Normally when an artist remixes a track they either play it safe and keep it close to the original or go for the riskier option of producing their own interpretation of

Adam F – Circles (Remix)

Circles itself needs no introduction being one of the seminal jungle/drum and bass tracks from the 90’s. This remix however is the ultra rare one sided etched promo copy released exclusively on Section 5 Records in limited numbers. Reportedly only sent to key dnb djs and with limited distribution in record shops this retails at a hefty

Bargain Jungle – DJ Soul Slinger – Abducted (T-Power Remix)

DJ Soul Slinger has been a pioneer of electronic music in the US for several years. As the founder and creative head of Liquid Sky Music and Liquid Sky D-Sign, he has been responsible for some of the most forward-thinking music and clothing to emerge from the New York City underground. He started releasing jungle in 1994

Bargain Jungle: Q-Project – The Instrumental

Released on LTJ Bukem’s Looking Good Records in 1996 The Instrumental by Q-Project is a great example of the “intelligent” drum and bass sound that LTJ Bukem was pioneering at the time and the style of drum and bass that I personally love. The excellent use of a sample from the intro of Lonnie Liston Smith