Peanut Planet – Thru The Fire

fluidAn early production from a man who went on to bigger things with a slightly different sound, the debut release from the chap they call Seba under the slightly odd Peanut Planet guise.
It all sounds very similar to Omni Trio and, in fact, this could well have been a track tucked away on any of Rob Haigh’s ’95 releases and no one would have known any different.

It’s all nice stuff anyway: scattered pianos over a punchy 808 and the prerequisite amen with short, sharp vocals chiming in over the top.
Sadly this is one that I never managed to pick up, I don’t actually think I’ve ever seen it on my travels. Not that it’s excessively rare but I doubt there were many copies sent over to the UK. It’s far more likely to turn up around Europe and, of course, most likely in Sweden.

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