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Deep Blue & Blame – Transitions / Re-Transitions

Transitions & Re-transitions (Moving Shadow 93) 1996 Part of the Moving Shadow management, Shaun O’Keefe AKA Deep Blue teams up with original Shadow artist, Blame on this release from 1996. Transitions starts with a cold string that almost sounds like its breathing before a simple metallic beat moves the track along. Gentle percussion gives the track

DJ Trace – By Any Means Necessary

DJ Trace‘s contribution to the development of drum and bass will always be measured by his scene changing remix of T Powers “Mutant Jazz”, and rightly so. Combined with his releases on No U Turn, Prototype and Virus the darkside of Duncan Hutchinson helped change dnb forever. His work with respected producer Pete Parsons though

Who was Baraka? It wasn’t Jonny L after all…

Over the last few years “I’ll Be There“, by the apparent mystery producer Baraka, has become an extremely sought-after, cult tune. As it was never clear on the label who Baraka actually was – although Kid Andy is listed as ‘co-ordinator’, many people (myself included) had speculated that Baraka was in fact an alias for

Lemon D – Break It Up

If you only got into D&B since in the 2000s you’d be forgiven for underrating Lemon D a little, or even thinking he is just Dillinja’s sidekick. Admittedly his post-millenium D&B work might not be amazing, but throughout the 90s he was immense. From his early days on his own Planet Earth imprint, to outings on Goldie’s

Bay B Kane – Unfolding Perspective

Perhaps one of the great unsung heros of drum and bass (in 2014 at least). Hugely prolific between 1992 and 1995, Bay B Kane was one of the leading producers on the White House stable, producing under a slew of aliases for several different labels. Bay B Kane, real name Mel Jalal Tanur, quickly solidified with his

T.Power – Prospect For Democracy

In 1992, Dave Stone and Norton Blue, owners of the Trinity Studios in London, set up the UK hardcore label DJ Only Records, renamed a year later to the Sound Of The Underground Records* (SOUR); one of the most influential collectives of the mid-90s jungle/drum and bass scene. The first signing of the label was