Tune Of The Day: DJ Monita – The Party (Remix)

thepartyremixTOTD is a dark classic by DJ Monita….

The original version of “The Party”, under the Skeleton Krew alias, was the second release from Skeleton Records in early 1993. The remix however by Monita is definitely my favourite.

It takes things in a slightly more ‘drum and bass’ direction and is a shade darker with eerie strings straight from the off. It rolls out with a nicely chopped apache breakbeat, before the tune breaks down into a more uplifting mid-section with strings taken from the Flash Gordon OST track “In The Death Cell”.

I really like the style of Skeleton Recordings, from the Skull logo to the nice touch of using a “Skull Side” and a “X Bone side” instead of an “A” and “B” side. The Party (Remix) was also released on nice transparent vinyl, and whilst the general consensus is that coloured vinyl sacrifices sound quality, I am a sucker for it.

Skeleton is definitely a label worth checking out if out if you’re a fan of the dark 1993 hardcore sound – One of the fans of the Legend Recordings crew, Invisible Man and Skanna etc

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