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Dan Norman – Sounds Of Life 95-97

Another post and mix from regular Drumtrip reader Dan Norman. I was listening to some Doc Scott and Kemistry/Storm mixes the other day (Mixmag and One in the Jungle) and it inspired me to have a dig for the kind of mid to late 90s tunes which were rated highly at the time but never surfaced

Beautifully Crafted Jungle Volume 4: Nibbers

The latest mix set from the “Long live beautifully crafted Jungle!” Facebook group comes from deep within the crates of Andrea aka Nibbers. The man knows his stuff and draws for a selection that really represents what the Facebook group is all about; deep and atmospheric moods with clinical beats. Remember to check out and join the group which has

Intense – The Sax Lick

Rarely has a production team put out such a relatively small number of releases yet managed to almost effortlessly cover so many changing musical styles in the hardcore & jungle spectrum. Starting out releasing straight up hardcore on Underground Level the trio went on to produce some awesome stuff in ’93 for Rugged Vinyl. By

Tommy the Coat – All Too’z Up Records mix

Great mix by Tommy the Coat here showcasing the excellent yet underrated label Too’z Up Records. Too’z Up was the playground for the equally underrated producers Sub Sequence who, with a little help from Intense, created a slew of smart, forward thinking jungle releases from 1994 to 1996. Sub Sequence were a duo comprised of Walter

Law mix for Two Hungry Ghosts

I was asked if one of my old mixes could be showcased on eclectic music blog Two Hungry Ghosts, but I thought I would go one better than that and actually create a new mix just for the site. So I did. This happened “There was a period (roughly) between 1993 to 96 where jungle

Recoil – High Plains Drifter Mix

Friend of Drumtrip, DJ Recoil from across the pond in Canada hits us with yet another punishing mix of deep and dark jungle. A real vintage and sometimes obscure selection featuring an unreleased track from jungle vet Bay B Kane. A few words from the man himself…. This is a mix I did yesterday – March 18th.