Tommy the Coat – All Too’z Up Records mix

R-408429-1287070941Great mix by Tommy the Coat here showcasing the excellent yet underrated label Too’z Up Records.

Too’z Up was the playground for the equally underrated producers Sub Sequence who, with a little help from Intense, created a slew of smart, forward thinking jungle releases from 1994 to 1996.

Sub Sequence were a duo comprised of Walter Coelho and Shane McEnhill, whose career paths took a similar turn post-Sub Sequence as they went on to become prolific mastering engineers for Masterpiece and Finyl Tweek respectively.

The mix features all their work on the label including appearances from Intense and Matt Quinn; aka the legendary Optical who made a couple of early appearances under the alias of Area 39. Personal favourites of mine include the unique opener by Intense; “Ecstatic”, and Sub Sequence’s own “Music Is The Vibe.

We have also tagged this mix under our Bargain Jungle category as you can pick most of these tunes up on Discogs for just a couple of quid.


Tommy the Coat – All Too’z Up Records Mix by Drumtrip on Mixcloud

Intense – Ecstatic
Sub Sequence – Release
Sub Sequence – Let it Down
Sub Sequence – F.B Removed
Sub Sequence – Music is the Vibe
Area 39 – Whatever
Sub Sequence – State of Mind (Dead Dread Remix)
Sub Sequence – Danger
Sub Sequence – Long Sex
Sub Sequence – Silver
Area 39 – Dreaming
Sub Sequence – Phone Me In The Morning
Sub Sequence – State of Mind
Sub Sequence – Now the Gods
Sub Sequence – Distance
Sub Sequence – Everyday (Area 39 remix)
Sub Sequence – Everyday
Sub Sequence – You’re the One

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