Beautifully Crafted Jungle Volume 4: Nibbers

artworks-000068798548-39hwby-t500x500The latest mix set from the “Long live beautifully crafted Jungle!” Facebook group comes from deep within the crates of Andrea aka Nibbers.

The man knows his stuff and draws for a selection that really represents what the Facebook group is all about; deep and atmospheric moods with clinical beats.

Remember to check out and join the group which has grown to nearly 2,000 members in just a few months; its a great place to chat about beats and discover new relics.

Beautifully Crafted Jungle Volume 4: Nibbers, looks like…

KMC – Polaris
Hybrid – Eat Static (PFM Remix)
Seba – Connected
Paradox – From My Mind
Mandalay – Flowers Bloom (PFM Secret Lover Remix)
Omni Trio – Together VIP
Leon Mar – Tha Men Who Fell To Earth
Intense – Visions
Indo Aminata – Leo Leo (Peshay Vocal Mix)
T Power Feat Mc Ultra – Mutant Jazz
Alex Reece – Jazz Master (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix)
Everything But The Girl – Single (Photek Remix)

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