Dan Norman – Sounds Of Life 95-97

Another post and mix from regular Drumtrip reader Dan Norman.

R-5089-1113811945I was listening to some Doc Scott and Kemistry/Storm mixes the other day (Mixmag and One in the Jungle) and it inspired me to have a dig for the kind of mid to late 90s tunes which were rated highly at the time but never surfaced much. Stuff you generally didn’t hear in a club and had to seek out unless you were lucky enough to live near Hoxton Square.

I was at Bournemouth Uni at the time and only managed a few trips up to Speed and the Bluenote but the guys from Fat Trax Records and their associates managed to get the big names down once a month or so. Luckily for me, they preferred the deeper styles so it was usually the likes of the DJs above along with DJ Lee and Peshay etc who would turn up at the weekend.

What I liked most about these guys style was the way they rolled out the mixes and showcased a wide range of moods and sounds across their sets. Always fresh and taking the path less travelled.

I think most of these tracks are around the 95-97 years. There’s some heavy bangers (Spirit – Fathoms), some deepness (Oblivion – Last Dance) and some all out technical masterpieces (Hidden Agenda – Dispatch 1). Don’t think I’ve heard an amen squashed, compressed and twisted like that before or since. Hope you enjoy the mix.

Origination – Brace Yourself – Creative Source
Spacelink – Timezone – Reinforced
Dj Krust – Going Nowhere – Full Cycle
Jonny L – Treading – XL
Hokusai – Divine – Source Direct
Intense – 1st Contact – Vibez
DOPE – Travelling – Rugged
Sounds of Life – Intallect Remix – Cert18
Oblivion – Last Dance – Street Beats
Danny Breaks – the Bear – Droppin Science
J Majik – Lightsabre – Infrared
Hidden Agenda – Dispatch1 – Metalheadz
Nasty Habits – Prototyped – 31 Records
Dj Krust – Soul in Motion – Full Cycle
Spirit – Fathoms – Fresh86
Peshay – Music Remix – Good Looking
Source Direct – Exit 9 – Source Direct
PFM – One & Only – Good Looking
Photek – Hidden Camera – Science Virgin
Source Direct – Secret Liaisons – Good Looking

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