Intense – The Sax Lick

R-126527-1291818384Rarely has a production team put out such a relatively small number of releases yet managed to almost effortlessly cover so many changing musical styles in the hardcore & jungle spectrum.

Starting out releasing straight up hardcore on Underground Level the trio went on to produce some awesome stuff in ’93 for Rugged Vinyl. By the time the mid-90s came around their sound had mellowed a bit and much of their later output was for Bukem’s Good Looking label.

The Sax Lick was released on Way Out Records in ’96 and is a great example of a tune that proves that you can have a catchy melody and laid back pads while still keeping people moving. As a side note the label also saw the first release from Blu Mar Ten who went on to release loads of tracks on Good Looking and are still going now.

Beau Thomas of Intense may be recognisable to people who have looked in the run out grooves of their records as he is/was one of the mastering engineers at Masterpiece and has worked on hundreds of tunes over the years. Check for “Beau @ Masterpiece” on your vinyl, Discogs lists over 1,000 credits although I bet there are many missing from the list.

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