Crystl Archive

Drumtrip Sessions #06 – Tim Reaper

Drumtrip Session number 6 is delivered by Tim Reaper. The young London based producer has so far had releases on AlphaCut, 36 Hertz as well as DJ Trace’s DSCI4 imprint – Including a amentastic remix of one of my favourite Trace tunes ‘Final Chapta‘. For this Session Tim focuses on the period in the 90s when everyone wanted

Drumtrip Sessions #04 – J Rolla

Sessions #04 comes courtesy of J Rolla, the man with a record collection that makes me cry, and he has knocked up pirate radio special for Drumtrip. J explains the thinking behind #04…. I was first introduced to pirate radio in 1991, and it played a huge role in shaping my musical tastes. Being a

DJ Crystl – The Dark Crystl (Unreleased mix)

This version of The Dark Crystl by DJ Crystl never made it past dubplate, huge shame in my opinion! One of my favourite DJ Crystl tunes and certainly has his signature dark and futuristic sound to it. The twisted hoover/mentasm breakdown in particular is really sinister sounding. Great stuff.

Law – Deep Jungle Volume 4

Despite the name this will be the 5th installment of my Deep Jungle series, and the first in quite a while. On a rainy afternoon there is not much else to do but dig through the tracks, get a bit dusty and drink copious amounts of tea; and this mix is the end result. The mix covers

Recoil – On The Strength Vol 2 – Jungle Hardcore Mix

A great mix from Recoil here cross all styles from 92 to 94 with some deep from the crates. A word from the man himself… Late 92 -> early 94 – all original plates.  It was basically an excuse to rinse out some recent arrivals in the mail, so there’s a variety of oldskool styles

Dark Metalheadz Mix by The Law

A mix I knocked up in 2007, showcasing some of the darker Headz tunes up until around 1996. I have re-upped this one in anticipation to Metalheadz History sessions at Cable on 19th November 2011. More on the official Facebook event page. As you would expect, plenty of Rufige, Photek , Source Direct, Dilinja and co.