DJ Crystl – The Dark Crystl (Unreleased mix)

This version of The Dark Crystl by DJ Crystl never made it past dubplate, huge shame in my opinion! One of my favourite DJ Crystl tunes and certainly has his signature dark and futuristic sound to it. The twisted hoover/mentasm breakdown in particular is really sinister sounding. Great stuff.

About X-Nation

X Nation is a Jungle and DnB producer/DJ dedicated to the music since the early 90's.... His style is heavily jungle and oldschool influenced, rough and uncompromising, and this is apparent in both his DJ sets and his production work. His authentic sound has seen him release with labels including Inneractive, 117 records, DSCI4, Scientific Wax, Originate, Jungle Alliance, Repertoire, Kingdom Records and Renegade Weed amongst others