Unreleased Archive

8205​ Recordings 003 – Lopez / Syuss and Reality

Pete from one of our favourite blogs (and part inspiration for Drumtrip itself) blog to the oldskool is now taking orders for his 8205 Recordings label’s third vinyl release. Wicked jungle uncovered from the 90s vaults. A word from Pete… Happy to announce my label’s new release is up for preorder now! Two unreleased tracks from the 90’s,

The Law – Something Special / Probe-One – Voyage – REPRV002 Vinyl

I don’t usually promote new releases, but as you can tell, I have an vested interest in this one. Back in 2009 I launched a label called “Repertoire” which had several digital releases and a single vinyl release. The mantra for the label was simple; contemporary jungle for the modern age. Fast forward to 2015

Law – Unreleased Jungle Selection

If there is one thing synonymous with jungle (or is that infamous?), its dubplate culture. Whilst the dubplate may be more a symbol of the past in these digital times, anyone into D&B for 10+ years will probably remember waiting for months on end for that tune, they heard on the radio or in a

DJ Trax – All Mixrace 92-96 Mix for Blog To The Oldskool

DJ Trax has dug around in the vaults to put together a brilliant mix to celebrate the first release on 8205 (a new label put together by Pete Devnull, man behind the excellent Blog To The Oldskool). The debut release, 8205-001, is a pair of old Mixrace tunes from 94/94 that never saw the light of day. Mixrace of

Unreleased History Of The Invisible Man Vinyl

Drumtrip is delighted to announce a debut vinyl release, in the form of a trio of amazing tunes from none other than The Invisible Man. The EP features three previously unreleased tracks from The Invisible Man’s archives, ranging from 1993 to 1996. It will be released on transparent dark blue speckled vinyl! Priced at £11.00 + P&P.

Reinforced Dubplate – “What Do Those Faces Tell You”

Today’s ”Tune Of The Day” is a guest post by regular reader Daniel Norman who uncovers this mysterious Reinforced dubplate from 1993. I guess this one might not really class as a tune of the day as you can’t buy it unfortunately, but this track is absolute pure quality. Thankfully nothing to do with 2Unlimited (although maybe that’s