Crystl Archive

Technicality – Friday 26th August 2011 at The Rhythm Factory, London

Chris Inperspective (of Inperspective Records) has been running Technicality for sometime now and I am lucky enough to been to a few of the now legendary all nighters, the highlight being Bob Macc on the drums live (amazing). Now they have pulled another superb line up out the proverbial bag. Headlining is Swedish D&B god

All DJ Crystl Mix Part One by Law

I thought it would be appropriate to re-up the original DJ Crystl mix, recorded in April 2007 (a whole 4 years ago). This one features all the classics, including of course Warpdrive which is maybe one of my favourites of any genre ever and all the big ones from Deejay and Lucky Spin. Part two

All DJ Crystl Mix Part Two – by Law

You cannot fail to notice that Drumtrip (mostly me) loves pretty much everything DJ Crystl put his hand to. No one made amens, strings and that spacey vibe to tracks like Daniel Chapman and a few years a ago I did a tribute mix to the man featuring all the biggest DJ Crystl tracks which

Zero B – Lock Up (DJ Crystl Counterforce Remix) download

You may have get by now that Drumtrip is a huge fan of DJ Crystl, but this has to be just about his rarest or most unknown tune. Zero B’s Lock Up was a flat out rave classic but DJ Crystl dropped a very nice, but subtle remix here. Released only on the super rare

May Day 2011 Jungle Mix by Law

A mix from myself here, a random selection of a few not so obvious tunes. Tracklisting looks like… 01.. Remarc – Ricky (Remarc & Lewi Cipher Remix) – Dollar 02.. Funky Porcini – King Ashabanapal (Dillinja Remix) – Ninja Tune 03.. Desired State – Killer Beat (Q-Bass Remix) – Ram 04.. Suburban Knights – State

Bargain Jungle: DJ Crystl – Warp Drive (Remix)

It took me a while to really appreciate Warp Drive remix after being so obsessed by the original for years, but this is the kind of tune you need to listen to extremely loud, or with headphones and let it just take you away. It is a fantastic remix, every aspect of the original has