Drumtrip Sessions #06 – Tim Reaper

Drumtrip Session number 6 is delivered by Tim Reaper. The young London based producer has so far had releases on AlphaCut, 36 Hertz as well as DJ Trace’s DSCI4 imprint – Including a amentastic remix of one of my favourite Trace tunes ‘Final Chapta‘. For this Session Tim focuses on the period in the 90s when everyone wanted a jungle remix on their single.

sessions06When Law first approached me to do a mix for the Drumtrip Sessions, I knew that it would have to be a themed mix & not a theme that’s been widely done. I had a few potential ideas for themes, including a mix of D&B tunes on non D&B labels/compilations (Trace – The Beacon, Dillinja – In The Mood etc), a mix based around the various musicians and producers from other scenes who have had a brief flirtation with D&B (David Bowie – Little Wonder, Todd Terry – Blackout) but after giving it a lot of thought I decided that the best theme to go with in the end would be a mix of some lesser known D&B remixes commissioned by various labels for non D&B artists.

Around the 95-98 era, when Jungle was starting to fade away and was slowly evolving into D&B, it caused a lot of ears to prick up with interest. Artists like Goldie, Photek, 4hero, Grooverider, Peshay, Source Direct, Roni Size, Wax Doctor and many more were all putting out full albums on major labels and D&B was seen as the freshest, most exciting thing around and everybody wanted a piece of the action. Back when CD/12” singles were still selling healthy amounts you’d usually buy a tune and get the radio edit and a longer club mix as well as maybe a remixes of the original track as extras.

As soon as D&B began to get noticed, labels would hit up the bigger artists of the time for remixes to go on these singles, both to cash in on the then-current D&B hype as well as to market the original artist to a new audience. It would soon be pretty normal to go down to the record shop, browse through the CDs in the Pop/Rock/Electronic sections and see artists like Optical, Roni Size, Alex Reece, Boymerang and Krust doing remixes for a surprising wide range of artists from different scenes. Often the pairings that you never dreamed could work well (Krust remixing Korn, The Ganja Kru remixing Natalie Imbruglia) were where you’d get some of the interesting results.

I’ve become an avid CD collector over the past year or two, browsing Discogs hunting for obscure tracks that not too many heads might have heard before, and now that I’m starting to run out of official compilations and artist albums to buy, I’ve started to make a move to buying up remix albums and CD singles which have D&B remixes on them. Many of these are available at absolute bargain prices; very few of them turn up in mixes or tracklistings elsewhere and some of them are pretty bloody obscure. It took me a long while to gather up enough material for this mix, so I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed compiling it.

(PS – Thanks to Executive Steve for the editing!)
(PPS – Apologies for bad mixing at times, think it was about 2am when I done this mix.)

Kenny Larkin – Loop 2 (Alex Reece Remix) [R & S]
David Holmes – Gone (PFM Remix) [Go! Discs]
Friends From Rio – Maracatudo (Wax Doctor Remix) [Far Out]
Espiritu – Baby I Wanna Live (DJ Pulse Mix) [Heavenly]
Project 23 – Pleasure & The Pain (Peshay Remix) [Dorado]
Peter Andre – Flava (Jungle Mix) [Mushroom]
Palm Skin Productions – Evolution Of The Beast (Part 1) [Mo Wax]
Flora Purim – What You See (Ghost Of Flora’s Dream) [B&W Music]
Grace – If I Could Fly (LTJ Bukem’s Roll It Mix) [Perfecto]
Hunch – Visible From Space (Aquasky Mix) [Clean Up]
Blue Amazon – And The The Rain Falls (Blame Remix) [Jackpot]
The Art Of Noise – Camilla The Old Old Story (J Majik Remix) [China]
Max Reich & Johannes Foufas – Alchemy (Seba Remix) [SVEK]
Q-Tex – Do You Want Me (Funky Technicians Remix) [23rd Precinct]
Deepika – History (Crystl Clear) [RCA]
Ken Ishii – Overlap (Lemon D Remix) [R & S]
Garbage – Milk (Goldie’s VIP Trash Your Sh*t Mix) [Mushroom]
N.G.O. – Windermere (Dillinja Roll Out Mix) [JVC]
Empirion – B.E.T.A. (Doc Scott Remix) [XL]
?? – Shinobi X (Remarc & Lewi Cifer Remix) [Breakdown]
Sugizo – Michael In The Cage (Source Direct Remix) [Invader]
Wink – Simple Man (ft. The Interpreters) (Optical Remix) [Sony Soho Square]
Project 23 – Sugarize ‘Lost Inna Dream’ (Boymerang Remix) [Dorado]
David Bowie – I’m Afraid Of Americans (V5) [Virgin]
Dub War – Million Dollar Love (DJ Rap Remix) [Earache]
Turntable Terranova – Precipice (DJ Krust Remix) [Hypnotic]

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