Dark Metalheadz Mix by The Law

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rufige_kru-t3_dark_metalA mix I knocked up in 2007, showcasing some of the darker Headz tunes up until around 1996.

I have re-upped this one in anticipation to Metalheadz History sessions at Cable on 19th November 2011. More on the official Facebook event page.

As you would expect, plenty of Rufige, Photek , Source Direct, Dilinja and co. some very dark techsteppy sounds, looking forward to some of these getting dropped on the 19th!

I admit its not the smoothest mixing I have ever put together, but the tunes are amazing. Is there a darker tune than Dark Metal?

Dark 90's Metalheadz Mix by The Law on Mixcloud

01.. Rufige Kru – VIP Rider’s Ghost – MH001-AA
02.. Doc Scott – It’s Yours – MET004-AA
03.. Photek – Consciousness – MET008-A
04.. Dillinja – Brutal Bass – MET006-B2
05.. Source Direct – The Cult – METH016-AA
06.. J Majik – Your Sound – MET007-A
07.. Lemon D – This Is L.A. – METH014-AA
08.. Digital – Down Under – METH021-AA
09.. Doc Scott – Drumz ’95 – METH015-A
10.. Asylum – Da Bass II Dark – 00DARK-AA
11.. J Majik – Arabian Nights – METH018-A
12.. Dillinja – Armoured D – 828783-1-F1
13.. Rufige Kru – Dark Metal – METH019-AA
14.. Doc Scott – The Unofficial Ghost – 828783-1-A1


About Law

Main author and creator of Drumtrip. I have been listening to and mixing drum and bass in its various forms since 1998. Drumtrip was designed to celebrate the glory years between 1991 and 1997.

  • Nice looking selection! I did a Metalheadz tribute a few years back, with a lot of the same tunes, you can check it out here if you are so inclined: http://sonicrampage.org/blog/2008/08/pearsall-mean-machine/

  • Law

    Easy mate, yeah that is a fine looking mix. Hard to believe some of the tracks Rider produced, such as Warning and Deep Inside Of Me; when you look at him the last few years.
    Headz was amazing.

  • Oh huge mix. Cheers for the re-up. Astonishing just how good Headz was at that time. Only tune I didn’t love 100% was Da Bass II Dark. Something about the vocal used to grate 🙂

  • Law

    Cheers man. For me that vocal makes the tune, having said that it was never one of my big favourites, plenty of superior tunes on Headz, one of many anthems eh

    Thanks again!

  • Headz *was* amazing! Agree with you on the Rider, my guess is that a passion became just a job …

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