Law – Deep Jungle Volume 4

Axis - DustedDespite the name this will be the 5th installment of my Deep Jungle series, and the first in quite a while.

On a rainy afternoon there is not much else to do but dig through the tracks, get a bit dusty and drink copious amounts of tea; and this mix is the end result.

The mix covers a nice spectrum of deep, atmospheric and ‘intelligent’ beats from 1994 to 1996, peppered, as you would expect, with Good Looking and Moving Shadow releases.
Within a few tracks such as the uplifting ‘Travelling Pt 2‘ and Gwange’s ‘Motionless‘ you can still very much hear the 1993 hardcore influences trying to get escape, in contrast to the more laid back and perhaps refined drum and bass sounds of later releases like ‘Dusted‘ by Axis or PFM’s take of David Holmes – Gone.

Enough talk now, allow 70 or so minutes to drift away…..

01.. David Holmes – Gone (PFM Remix)- Go Discs!
02.. Intense – Careless Minds – Good Looking
03.. JMJ & Richie – Universal Horn – Moving Shadow
04.. The Sentinel – Awakening – Basement
05.. DOPE – Travelling Pt 2 – Good Looking
06.. Atlas – Second Heaven – Deejay
07.. Q-Project – The Instrumental – Looking Good
08.. Boymerang – The River (VIP) – Regal
09.. Axis – Dusted – Good Looking
10.. Aquasky – Tranquility – Moving Shadow
11.. Oblivion – Sands Of Time – Street Beats
12.. PFM – Hypnotizing – Good Looking
13.. DJ Gwange – Motionless – Legend Records
14.. DJ Crystl – Sweet Dreamz – Deejay

You can find the rest of the mix series here.

About Law

Main author and creator of Drumtrip. I have been listening to and mixing drum and bass in its various forms since 1998. Drumtrip was designed to celebrate the glory years between 1991 and 1997.