Om Unit Jungle Mix for Dusk Dubs

Om Unit, probably the standout D&B producer in the last few years for me, has rolled out an exquisite selection for the Dusk Dubs mix series. Om Unit who has dabbled in hip hop as well as a footwork fused D&B sound in over years, has really appealed to me with his recent releases on Metalheadz. The

Law – Unreleased Jungle Selection

If there is one thing synonymous with jungle (or is that infamous?), its dubplate culture. Whilst the dubplate may be more a symbol of the past in these digital times, anyone into D&B for 10+ years will probably remember waiting for months on end for that tune, they heard on the radio or in a

Dave M aka Brian Badonde – Live Jungle Show 25/10/14

Drumtrip’s very own dub hunter Brian Badonde put together a rather splendid selection last week on his Mixlr show. Some real rarities in here. Catch Brian on Origin FM every Saturday 8 – 10am! Brian Badonde – Live Jungle Show on Mixlr 25/10/14. Exclusive cuts by Brianbadonde on Mixcloud 1: Junglistic – Who Is This –

28 Beats Later @ Flava Stevenage 29/11/14

I always like try and help promote the, increasingly few, local nights around Hertfordshire. This one comes courtesy of Hertford based collective 28 Beats Later. Headlining proceedings is Dread Recordings legend Ray Keith, alongside one of the all time great drum & bass MC’s; Det. 28 Beats Later presents… The Infection Ray Keith & MC

Unreleased History of the Invisible Man update [08/10/14]

By now we’d hoped to have some positive news for you, since we were promised delivery of the record by now… Lo and behold the entire press was delivered to Graham’s place (Invisible Man) and on first inspection they looked amazing! However, after checking a good sample of the records it became immediately apparent there

Ulterior Motive – Dimensions Festival 2014 Jungle Selection

With weeks until the release of their debut album on Metalheadz, Ulterior Motive stroll through the hardcore and jungle years with a wicked selection charting the history of D&B from LFO’s seminal self title release from 1990, right up until Lemon D’s 1995 G-Funk fused amen smasher “This Is LA” It’s great to see an oldskool