Ulterior Motive – Dimensions Festival 2014 Jungle Selection

With weeks until the release of their debut album on Metalheadz, Ulterior Motive stroll through the hardcore and jungle years with a wicked selection charting the history of D&B from LFO’s seminal self title release from 1990, right up until Lemon D’s 1995 G-Funk fused amen smasher “This Is LA”

It’s great to see an oldskool mix from an established upfront producer(s), that doesn’t consist of just the same old rinsed out anthems. Yes tracks like “LFO” and “Lord Of The Null Lines” won’t exactly get the trainspotters moist, but overall it’s a deep and varied selection crammed into just 47 minutes. Enjoy!

1.LFO by LFO
2.Surgery (Midnight mix) by Doc Scott
3.The Cutter by Blow
4.Dancehall Dangerous by Hackney Hardcore
5.Get Down by M. D. EMM
6.Let The Rhythm Take Control by DJ Seduction
7.Playing With Knives (Quadrant mix) by Bizarre Inc
8.Hardcore Will Never Die – (E type MIx) by Q Bass
9.Cookin’ up Yah Brain by 4 Hero
10.Roll the Dice by Dms feat Mc Kinky
11.Set Me Free remix by Noise FActory
12.Hear Me by Slipmatt
13.Alive and Kicking by Orca
14.Want your Love by Dj Lee
15.Finest illusion (illegal mix) by Foul Play
16.The Future by Noise Factory
17.Lord Of The Null Lines by Hyper on Experiance
18.Burning by Krust
19.Screwface by Brain Killers
20.Oh My Gosh by Gang Related & Mask
21.Rollidge by DJ SS
22.This is LA by Lemon D

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