Unreleased History of the Invisible Man update [08/10/14]

By now we’d hoped to have some positive news for you, since we were promised delivery of the record by now…

Lo and behold the entire press was delivered to Graham’s place (Invisible Man) and on first inspection they looked amazing!


However, after checking a good sample of the records it became immediately apparent there was a pressing fault, which unfortunately had not been noticed by the pressing plant (MPO) prior to shipping.

The fault in question, G suspects, could be a “non-fill” issue.

“Non-fill” refers to a pressing defect that occurs when the molten vinyl does not flow fully to produce a well-formed groove. It occurs most often on a 180g record’s outer edge and is caused by the vinyl’s beginning to harden prematurely.

There is a noticeable cracking and popping sound on pretty much every record that becomes more obvious on quiet parts of the tunes (especially Sunburst). Weirdly it only affects the right channel. Check the soundcloud clip below, you’ll hear it as clear as day.

We are absolutely gutted by this. We are only too well aware of the frustrations of waiting for vinyl to arrive, especially one you have paid for so long in advance. Unfortunately the wait has been utterly out of our control, and we were very much looking forward to putting this release to bed.

Our next step is to send a few copies back to our broker in London, who’ll get in touch with MPO and hopefully arrange an expedited repress (there’s no way we’ll be happy with waiting regular turnaround times again). Whatever happens, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

In the meantime we have decided to release the five winning unreleased tracks you have voted for – hopefully this will tide you over! The winning tunes were…

  1. Sonic Illusion
  2. Let The Music
  3. Blue Mist
  4. Moment In Time (Original Mix)
  5. Moment In Time (Remix)

We’ll be in touch via email (your paypal email address) to let you know how to download your WAVs. Keep an eye on your spam folders.

Thanks again to everyone who bought, and a massive thanks for your patience.

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