Om Unit Jungle Mix for Dusk Dubs

Om Unit, probably the standout D&B producer in the last few years for me, has rolled out an exquisite selection for the Dusk Dubs mix series.

Om Unit who has dabbled in hip hop as well as a footwork fused D&B sound in over years, has really appealed to me with his recent releases on Metalheadz. The man is obviously a huge oldskool D&B fan (as this tracklist shows), and he really manages to get across the vintage sound into his tracks without trying like he is just trying to emulate old jungle.

Check out his forthcoming EP on Headz entitled Inversion which even has a guest spot from arguably the best rapper to come out of the UK; Jehst.

The mix itself features quite a few of my favourites. Straight off the bat he starts with DJ Monita’s very own dark jungle number “Razors Edge”, and visits “Life Began Changing” by Van Kleef (an alias for Top Buzz), “This Way” by Skanna, a couple of really underrated Orca tracks, and one of Photek’s best works in “Yendi”.

1) Monita – Razor’s Edge (1994)
2) Rogue Unit – Dance Of The Sarooes (1994)
3) Baraka – I’ll Be There (1995)
4) Van Kleef – Life Began Changing (1994)
5) Alladin – We Enter (Deep Forest Dub) (1994)
6) Skanna – This Way (1993)
7) Orca – Unititled (Side A – FT006) (1994)
8) Orca – Liar (1995)
9) DJ Scoobie – Wait 4 The Bass (1993)
10) Hidden Agenda – The Flute Tune (1995)
11) Photek – Yendi (1998)
12) Odyssey – Ritual (1997

Big shout to Om Unit for a wicked selection and keeping these sounds alive on his forthcoming EP, and Harrison the bossman at Dusk Dubs.

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