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unreleased jungle selectionIf there is one thing synonymous with jungle (or is that infamous?), its dubplate culture.

Whilst the dubplate may be more a symbol of the past in these digital times, anyone into D&B for 10+ years will probably remember waiting for months on end for that tune, they heard on the radio or in a rave, to be finally released on wax.

Unfortunately some tunes never even made it to vinyl. DATs were lost, tunes were shelved due to sample clearance issues, or sometimes plain old red tape (or perhaps ineptitude) was responsible for some fantastic tracks being lost.

The tunes in this selection are a mixture of dubplates and test presses ripped to mp3, and tunes only ever released on CD or on compilations.

There are also a couple of remakes in here. A remake, in this context, is a lost tune that has been painstakingly remade sample by sample by a few extraordinarily dedicated fans.

Big shouts to everyone who has sent me one of their tracks (released or unreleased) over the years, and all the remake community!


01. DJ Trace – Definition Of Living
02. The Invisible Man – The Journey
03. The Undergraduates – Space (The Dark Remix)
04. Droppin’ Science – Volume 1 (94 Mix)
05. Wax Doctor – The Saint (Dubplate Mix)
06. Dillinja – Follow Me
07. Photek – Say It
08. J Majik – Your Sound (Digital & Photek VIP)
09. Dillinja – Baby Your
10. Doctor G – Bassface
11. Dillinja – Lion Heart VIP
12. System X – Mind Games (95 VIP)
13. Roger Johnson – Crazy Day Dreams
14. Photek – Feeling Up
15. The Undergraduates – Into Da Future (Droppin’ Science Remix)
16. Dillinja – In My Soul
17. The Invisible Man – Drifting

Whilst some of the above tracks have been sent to me in good faith, meaning I cannot redistribute them, there are a couple in the mix that are commercially available, or were free giveaways.

DJ Trace – Definition Of Living
This is not the much fabled amen version that Bukem played on his Yaman vol 11 tape. But, this mix is every bit as good in my opinion. It eventually appeared in 1995 on a compilation called Jungle Bizznizz Vol 1, along with a bunch of other Lucky Spin / Dee Jay related tracks. DJ Trace put this version up for free download on his Soundcloud account a few months back. Get it here.

Droppin Science – Volume 1 (94 Mix)
Danny Breaks thankfully included this gem on his retrospective LP entitled Vaultron, released earlier this year. Buy it here.

Dillinja – Follow Me
Vintage 95 Dillinja with a big amen second drop! Who knows why this never saw a proper release? However, it was included on a Hard Leaders 7 – Jungle Dub 3. Get it on crispy CD and on a sickly 3-tracks-a-side vinyl release.

Photek – Say It
One side of perhaps one of the most well known shelved records ever in jungle. Originally due to be the sixth release on Grooverider’s Prototype imprint, for some reason it never happened. The A side ‘One Nation’ was eventually release by Photek on his LP Form & Function 2.
PRO 006 only ever made it to test press, with a rumoured 10 copies in existence. The B side, Say It, eventually came to light when an extremely generous collector ripped his copy of the test press and shared both One Nation and Say It – get it here.

J Majik – Your Sound (Digital & Photek VIP)
This one remained dormant for years before arguably jungle’s greatest dubplate collector, DJ Harmony (of Moving Shadow and Lucky Spin fame) kindly ripped his dubplate to mp3 and shared it via his Soundcloud account. It doesn’t seem to be online anymore but I’m sure it’s floating around the web somewhere…

Dillinja – Baby Your
Another track released only on a compilation. Apparently ‘Baby Your’ was destined to be released on Dillinja’s ‘Logic’ recordings. But for reasons unknown, it never happened. You can get the full version on CD on “Drum and Bass Selection 4 – Reload (Running It Red)

The Invisible Man – Drifting
If you are a regular Drumtrip reader you probably know all about this one. This amen workout from 1995 is included on Drumtrip’s debut vinyl release. Unfortunately the release was first hit by a staggering pressing delay at the plant in France, and was then found faulty when finally pressed and delivered to us. More on the saga / debacle here.

If you know of any other (nice and legal) dubplates that have been shared online, drop us a comment below!

About Law

Main author and creator of Drumtrip. I have been listening to and mixing drum and bass in its various forms since 1998. Drumtrip was designed to celebrate the glory years between 1991 and 1997.

  • synapticflow

    For years I’ve been trying to find the drum and bass remix of the classic rave anthem “Spice” by Eon. Could someone share that?

  • JJ

    Big mix. Any chance The Invisible Man – The Journey will get a vinyl release?

    Re: the Roger Johnson – Crazy Day Dreams remake – has this been confirmed as a Roger Johnson tune? I thought it was just a guess by hektikal on B2VOS which unfortunately then got added as a confirmed artist for the dubplate of it on Discogs.

    Seems more likely it’s a Mad Ragga Jon tune which he’s forgotten about. It’s labelled M R J – Day Dreams on the dubplate someone has of it and check Mad Ragga Jon’s comments about the tune here:

  • Easy JJ. I wasn’t 100% sure myself. Some people online seemed to be leaning towards Roger Johnson. In the discogs comments I saw this…

    “Lee Harmony has this tune down as Roger Johnson…
    Apparently its not Mad Ragga Jon despite the plate saying MRJ… Seems to be Roger Johnson who collaborated with Peshay and released some deep tunes in 1993-1995.
    Crazy Day Dreams caught the attention of all those who heard it at Dreamscape 10. Bukem and Peshay both played it but it never surfaced again as far as i know. Shame as its a killer tune. Easily one of the best from 1994…. ”

    The RJ / Peshay link is a good one.

    I dont know in all honesty though!

  • Oh and as for The Journey…. possibly. Thats about the best I can say so far!

  • JJ

    Fingers crossed 🙂

  • Sonar’s Ghost

    Did one almost identical recently, nice one Mr Law. I also had Amen remake of DOL going into 94 Vol 1 on the first draft but kept slipping out of time lol.

    I have messaged Lee Harmony to ask if RJ is confirmed on his plate or just going by Discogs but no reply yet.

    This was my one @192-
    Tronik House – Straight Outta Hell – Simon Bassline Smith Remix Remake
    Danny Breaks – Vol 1 ’94 Version – From DS Bandcamp ‘Vaultron’
    Tango – Project 1 Remix (Dubplate Mix)
    Leviticus – Burial – Amen VIP Remake
    Wax Doctor – The Saint – Dubplate Mix Remake
    Dillinja – You – VDLP07
    MRJ – Crazy Daydreams – Remake
    Dave Charlesworth – Guinness Track – ADR Bandcamp
    Photek – Feeling Up – Remake
    Legend Records Crew – Untitled – Remake
    Randall and Andy C – Sound Control – A.W.O.L VIP
    Dexxtrous – Moonlight
    DJ Trace – Coffee VIP Mix Remake
    Berty B and Dillinja – Lionheart VIP Remake
    Photek – Say It – PRO 006 from Orijahnalsound
    System X – Mindgames/Say It VIP Remake

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