Everything But The Girl – Single (Photek Remix)

Perhaps one of my favourite remixes of tune from outside the jungle / D&B scene. Everything But The Girl are probably best known in the UK for the chart topping single “Missing”. A single that when first released didn’t exactly set the charts alight, but blew up when remixed by Todd Terry and re-released in

Law – Drumtrip Radio #016 [16/07/14]

Law was back at the controls for the 16th edition of Drumtrip Radio. It was a glorious day and it’s a selection to match. Deep, atmospheric, summery vibes. It’s also the debut airing of the newly pressed debut vinyl from Drumtrip “The Unreleased History Of The Invisible Man”: soundcloud.com/drumtrip/sets/the-unreleased-history-of-the Unfortunately my microphone mysteriously broke between this

Whatever happened to Source Direct? Part 2 : Jim Baker interview

If you are reading this, than Source Direct really need no introduction. Over the years since they disbanded they have developed a cult-like following, with music lovers from beyond the boundaries of drum and bass applauding their 90s body of work. Until a few years ago, the mystery of Source Direct and what happened to

Bay B Kane – Unfolding Perspective

Perhaps one of the great unsung heros of drum and bass (in 2014 at least). Hugely prolific between 1992 and 1995, Bay B Kane was one of the leading producers on the White House stable, producing under a slew of aliases for several different labels. Bay B Kane, real name Mel Jalal Tanur, quickly solidified with his

Beautifully Crafted Jungle Crew – Drumtrip Radio #015 [09/07/14]

The BeautifullyCrafted-Jungle crew took over Drumtrip Radio for show 15. The collective went through the darker realms of mid 90s tech step before settling into some atmospheric jungle. Join the Facebook group at at facebook.com/groups/195082833944478/ Tracklist: Optical – Cryogenesis Basic Unit – Caves Decoder – UXB Basic Unit – Lau John B – Sight Beyond Spirit – Chapter

Kola Nut – Drumtrip Radio #014 [02/07/14]

KolaNut comes with the goods again after an excellent Bristol themed debut show. This time he took a dive into the past of DJ SS and his legendary FormationRecords imprint. Big, bashy jungle vibes aplenty! soundcloud.com/drumtrip/sets/drumtrip-radio Get the schedule and archives for Drumtrip Radio at drumtrip.co.uk/radio/ Follow us and get alerts for the shows at mixlr.com/drumtrip/ Tracklist: 1. Rhythm