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Unreleased tune: Dillinja – You

The words ‘unreleased Dillinja’ will always grab the attention of Drumtrip, and even more so due to the fact that this release is out there on vinyl somewhere. It appears to be on a test press with the catalogue number VDLP7, along with VIPs of Krome & Time’s ‘The Licence’, Photek – First Sequence and

Unreleased Source Direct, ‘Tailor Made’ dubplate.

This is one of three dubplates I bought from Phil Aslett about 2 years ago on eBay, surprisingly they had gone unnoticed so I got them for a cheap price. Anyway, 2 of the 6 tunes on the dubplates were fully unreleased, one was a downtempo thing like Modus Operandi, and one was a jazzy