Reinforced Dubplate – “What Do Those Faces Tell You”

Today’s ”Tune Of The Day” is a guest post by regular reader Daniel Norman who uncovers this mysterious Reinforced dubplate from 1993.


I guess this one might not really class as a tune of the day as you can’t buy it unfortunately, but this track is absolute pure quality.

Thankfully nothing to do with 2Unlimited (although maybe that’s where the vocal sample came from) this is a classic dark stepper from 1993.

It’s pretty sinister at times with a lazy mentasm breakdown but the lush strings and pads shine through in several places. Despite sadly never seeing a proper release (only surfaced on plate), scant information and rumour has it that it was supposed to come out on Reinforced Records.

I’ve only ever heard it twice – once on a Fabio Dance Planet mix and then on a Doc Scott tape. I suspect it’s probably a Goldie or Manix tune but there’s also some big similarities with the Energy track that Goldie and A Guy Called Gerald did as the 2 G’$ on Juicebox (especially the drums). Maybe a collaboration…

Who knows. Either way it’s a storming tune and epitomises that deadly R Sound from back then – tough, futuristic music.

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