Unreleased History Of The Invisible Man Vinyl

DTRIP01A-72dpiDrumtrip is delighted to announce a debut vinyl release, in the form of a trio of amazing tunes from none other than The Invisible Man.

The EP features three previously unreleased tracks from The Invisible Man’s archives, ranging from 1993 to 1996.

It will be released on transparent dark blue speckled vinyl! Priced at £11.00 + P&P.

Sold Out!*

*Over 200 sold in under two days. The vinyl will be going to press shortly. We may be able to press a little extra, and if we do, those will be on sale as and when we receive them (no reserve / pre-orders). Stay tuned to Drumtrip for further news. Also we must send a huge thanks to everyone that ordered, it was a staggering response from you guys 🙂

A) Sunburst (Amen’s Last Stand) feat Ally [1996]

As the title suggest, a huge amen number. This was originally produced in 1996 as part of a sadly shelved album project. The track features intense vocals courtesy of Ally. Absolutely epic.

AA1) Drifting [1995]

A smooth amen workout which wouldn’t sound out of place in a 1995 LTJ Bukem set. Reminiscent of The Flute Tune, eventually released on Sublogic Recordings.

AA2) Laid Back [1993]

The earliest of the three, this straddles the line between hardcore and jungle like The Invisible Man did so well. Laid Back could have easily ended up on Timeless Recordings back in 1993. Rolling beats, amen cuts and a trademark piano melody.

Bonus Stuff!

The vinyl will also feature a locked groove and some classic Invisibreakbeats to mix with. Plus, every single order will come with a unique link to a five unreleased Invisible Man tunes on MP3.

These tunes are mixture of jungle / D&B and more experimental production.  There are 13 tracks to choose from, and this is where we need your help. When you place your pre order you will receive a special link in the confirmation email, the link will lead to a page where you be asked to vote for your 5 favourites out of 13 – yep, that’s 13 more unreleased tracks – but only 5 will reach the MP3 pack.

When you visit the page you will be asked to listen to the sound clips and vote for your 5 favourites, then when the vinyl is ready to be mailed out the votes will be counted and the most popular 5 will be waiting for you on the download page. On the page you will also find a zip file containing samples from an early Invisible Man tune for those brave enough to tackle a remix.

Sold Out!

Important Notes

  • Due to the fine margins and the costs involved in this release, the vinyl will not go to press until we have achieved 50 pre-orders. Once gone to press, we anticipate a turnaround of about 4-6 weeks.
  • As a thank you for supporting this project, the first 50 people to order will get a shout out printed on the vinyl sleeve!
  • For now these tunes are vinyl only but may see an MP3 release in the future – If so, all buyers of the vinyl will receive a link to the MP3s at no extra cost.

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