Unreleased Archive

Photek – Say It [Prototype Recordings]

This ‘tune of the day’ is one of the great unreleased tracks of the 90s, from one of the biggest labels and one of the scene’s biggest producers. Grooverider’s seminal label ‘Prototype’ had a huge influence on the progression of D&B in the mid 90s; from its humble beginnings in 1994 and Rider’s early work

Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs (Unreleased Mix)

We haven’t posted too many unreleased tunes on here, but I am pretty sure that this is my most wanted, and favourite of any unreleased jungle track out there. Deadly Deep Subs was first released in 1994 on one of Dillinja’s many mini-labels ‘Deadly Vinyl. All in all there were three mixes, the original, a

DJ Crystl – The Dark Crystl (Unreleased mix)

This version of The Dark Crystl by DJ Crystl never made it past dubplate, huge shame in my opinion! One of my favourite DJ Crystl tunes and certainly has his signature dark and futuristic sound to it. The twisted hoover/mentasm breakdown in particular is really sinister sounding. Great stuff.

Pascal – P-Funk Era (Unreleased DJ Zinc Mix)

The great DJ Zinc may have mostly left D&B behind these days but there is no doubting his legacy and contribution to the genre and UK dance music in general. After a few early releases he starting out alongside Hype on their label Ganja Records where created one of D&B’s biggest anthems in Super Sharp Shooter. True Playaz

Zero B – Lock Up (DJ Crystl Counterforce Remix) download

You may have get by now that Drumtrip is a huge fan of DJ Crystl, but this has to be just about his rarest or most unknown tune. Zero B’s Lock Up was a flat out rave classic but DJ Crystl dropped a very nice, but subtle remix here. Released only on the super rare

Unreleased Source Direct dubplates for sale

I have decided to let go of the three Source Direct dubplates I bought a few years back. They are just gathering dust and it made sense to move them on to someone who will give them a better home, plus I could use the funds to get the ever elusive Truper Vol III and