DJ Trax – All Mixrace 92-96 Mix for Blog To The Oldskool

8205_001_500xDJ Trax has dug around in the vaults to put together a brilliant mix to celebrate the first release on 8205 (a new label put together by Pete Devnull, man behind the excellent Blog To The Oldskool).

The debut release, 8205-001, is a pair of old Mixrace tunes from 94/94 that never saw the light of day.

Mixrace of course, are non other than DJ Trax and Paradox! They were quite prolific over the years with a number of aliases and releases across several labels such as Moving Shadow, Stronghold and Timeless.

Shouts to Trax, who of course kindly supplied us with Drumtrip Session #010, and Pete for launching 8025 and for years making Blog To The Oldskool a brilliant resource for rare and under appreciated hardcore and jungle, check it out.


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