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Droppin’ Science – Volume 2 (EZ Rollers Remix)

The original Droppin’ Science – Vol 2 tune is a slightly weird, but awesome, piece of mid-90s jungle. Very experimental with its crazy drum programming and strange samples, especially considering the total tear out track that it followed (Volume 1). The EZ Rollers’ remix of “Rollin'” takes it down a more traditional route with their trademark synths,

Reinforced Dubplate – “What Do Those Faces Tell You”

Today’s ”Tune Of The Day” is a guest post by regular reader Daniel Norman who uncovers this mysterious Reinforced dubplate from 1993. I guess this one might not really class as a tune of the day as you can’t buy it unfortunately, but this track is absolute pure quality. Thankfully nothing to do with 2Unlimited (although maybe that’s

Flatliner – The Big Bang (Liftin Spirit Remix)

Great tune here and perhaps a little underrated – one of those tunes that is always in my bag if I am ever lucky enough to spin some jungle outside the confines of my house. Flatliner aka Michael Errity hails from the same area of Essex as Ram stalwarts Andy C and Ant Miles. They

Deep Blue – Sunset Over Stevenage

Jungle Owes Stevenage Money Stevenage (Hertfordshire) gets a pretty bad rep, and to be honest, some of it is deserved. It was the first of a series of 28 new towns to be built across post-war Britain, as such parts of it are pretty drab to look at to say the least. It also harbours

Photek – Say It [Prototype Recordings]

This ‘tune of the day’ is one of the great unreleased tracks of the 90s, from one of the biggest labels and one of the scene’s biggest producers. Grooverider’s seminal label ‘Prototype’ had a huge influence on the progression of D&B in the mid 90s; from its humble beginnings in 1994 and Rider’s early work

Exocet – Demon Seed

Ian James AKA Exocet is a bit of an enigma having only had two releases on the short lived “Dirty Mac” label. One of these however (and the feature of this post) was the anthem Demon Seed. I first heard it on DJ DB’s excellent “Shades of Technology” mix cd and was instantly hooked on how