Flatliner – The Big Bang (Liftin Spirit Remix)

R-56365-1309997459Great tune here and perhaps a little underrated – one of those tunes that is always in my bag if I am ever lucky enough to spin some jungle outside the confines of my house.

Flatliner aka Michael Errity hails from the same area of Essex as Ram stalwarts Andy C and Ant Miles. They first crossed paths in the famous Boogie Times record shop in Romford, as Flatliner explains himself in his exclusive interview with Drumtrip last year.

It was around the time that Ant & Andy were releasing tracks under the name Desired State on Out of Romford Records. The label boss there, Paul Smailes, was a friend of mine and my path would often cross with Ant in Boogie Times. We would chat a lot about tunes, stuff we liked, stuff we was feeling and it was clear we shared the same futuristic taste in jungle D&B.

The original mix of The Big Bang was a big stage, atmospheric, other worldly amen track inspired a lot by the sounds of DJ Crystl, and Crystl’s track ‘Meditation’ in particular. Armed with a set of samples and ideas, Flatliner found himself in the studio with Ram engineer Ant Miles and The Big Bang was born.

For the remix, Ant Miles (under his Liftin’ Spirits alias) toughened it up a little and gave it a blistering drop. As soon as the bass hits it’s game over; a tune that begs for the reload every time as it drops. It rolls out with stuttering multi-pitched amens and a staggering bassline that really needs to be heard on a proper sound system to appreciate. An excellent remix of an already excellent track.

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