Tune Of The Day Archive

UB40 – Until My Dying Day (Icons remix)

Dep International (DEPDJX4512, 1996) By the first half of the 90s, UB40’s constant touring had taken its toll and the band was ready for a well-earned rest. During their sabbatical, several of the band’s members worked on their own musical projects. Earl Falconer, the group’s bassist, would follow his passion outside UB40, engaging in jungle/drum

Photek – U.F.O.

Right on this position here. Straight ahead, in between the trees – there it is again. Watch – straight ahead, off my flashlight there, sir. There it is. A tune of the day I think everyone will know. Released in 1995, U.F.O. / Rings Around Saturn must surely be one of the greatest double A-sides

S.T. Files – Sky High

Mark XTC & Marcus Intalex’s label put out a handful of nice releases back in the mid 90s, the biggest probably being their I Like It remix which received heavy plays at the time and still pops up in old sets a fair bit. The rest of the releases are well worth checking out if

Intense – The Sax Lick

Rarely has a production team put out such a relatively small number of releases yet managed to almost effortlessly cover so many changing musical styles in the hardcore & jungle spectrum. Starting out releasing straight up hardcore on Underground Level the trio went on to produce some awesome stuff in ’93 for Rugged Vinyl. By

Anthill Mob – My Selector

Today’s “Tune Of The Day” is a guest post by regular reader Daniel Norman who this time selects another lesser-known gem from the archives. Back to 1994 for this one and what appears to be the swansong release from the Anthill Mob. Creators of some all out classic hardcore from 1993 like the Antology EP and its massive

The Committee – Final Conflict (Tango remix)

Creative Wax CW107 [1995] Ashley Brown (aka DJ Pulse, owner of Creative Wax and 1/3 of the hardcore act Dance Conspiracy alongside Adrian Shortman and James Hoyte) and Jamie Giltrap (aka Tango), both regular artists of the Creative Wax collective, joined forces in 1995 for the one-off project The Committee. The duo reunited after the