Exocet – Demon Seed

dirty-macIan James AKA Exocet is a bit of an enigma having only had two releases on the short lived “Dirty Mac” label. One of these however (and the feature of this post) was the anthem Demon Seed.

I first heard it on DJ DB’s excellent “Shades of Technology” mix cd and was instantly hooked on how such a subtle track, akin to “Shadow Boxing”, can be so simple yet so effective. The way the track evolves is key with new elements constantly introduced each one adding to the energy of the track. I also love the sample from Apocolaypse Now at the beginning: “We’ll come in low out of the rising sun and about a mile out we’ll put on the music”.

There have been numerous remixes over the years with unofficial remixes from Ben Sage and Bungle and official ones by SPY and the Insiders. None of these versions come close to the original though for me.

About Benct

Introduced to Jungle/Drum and Bass in 2001. Semi retired raver. I also run a small contemporary drum and bass/jungle label on behalf of Law called Repertoire.