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Dan Norman – Sounds Of Life 95-97

Another post and mix from regular Drumtrip reader Dan Norman. I was listening to some Doc Scott and Kemistry/Storm mixes the other day (Mixmag and One in the Jungle) and it inspired me to have a dig for the kind of mid to late 90s tunes which were rated highly at the time but never surfaced

Beautifully Crafted Jungle Volume 1: Maph

“Long live beautifully crafted Jungle!” is a Facebook group after my own heart. Set up by Charlie Turbo and Maph, the group and it’s members post and discuss classic deep and dark jungle cuts. The Facebook group recently grew to over 700 like minded members, so to celebrate Maph has put together “Beautifully Crafted Jungle Volume 1”. The first

Bargain Jungle: DJ Solo feat. J.T. – Pressure (Peshay Remix)

James Lavelle’s seminal label Mo Wax has been responsible for quite a few jungle drum and bass tracks over the years. Especially in the mid 90s when drum & bass was at it’s creative height, it fitted nicely into the label’s eclectic discography. Source Direct, Dillinja and J Majik were all responsible for productions and

Drumtrip Sessions #06 – Tim Reaper

Drumtrip Session number 6 is delivered by Tim Reaper. The young London based producer has so far had releases on AlphaCut, 36 Hertz as well as DJ Trace’s DSCI4 imprint – Including a amentastic remix of one of my favourite Trace tunes ‘Final Chapta‘. For this Session Tim focuses on the period in the 90s when everyone wanted

Drumtrip TV Show #5 – Law

Drumtrip TV #5 was captained by myself Law, and it was fantastic voyage into very nice beats and bass. The set comes in at just over an hour and it was a real random selection, almost picking out the first vinyl that came to hand when thrusting around in the crates and shelves, and it turned out

Bargain Jungle: Ruby – Salt Water Fish (Peshay Remix)

Inspired by listening to both J- Rolla and Blick’s excellent All Peshay Mixes todays bargain jungle tune is Ruby – Salt Water Fish (Peshay Remix). Ruby was the collaboration of singer Lesley Rankine and Mark Walk. The duo, were originally from London, relocated to Seattle, Washington and concentrated on their trip hop / industrial styles resulting in two