Drumtrip TV Archive

Drumtrip TV Show #7 – DJ Jamie

After a little break, Drumtrip TV returns with DJ Jamie of Section 23 taking the reins once more. Jamie rolled out an up-tempo jungle set last time around on show number 3 and didn’t disappoint this time with a 1992/94 hardcore selection.

Drumtrip TV Show #6 – Kola Nut

Drumtrip TV reached is 6th week on 26th March and it was quite the occasion. We had the amazing Kentish Kola Nut on the wheels who wowed us with his war-like appreciation of ruff and ready jungle work-outs. It was a great selection in the end, really varied with some underrated gems scattered with a few certified classics. Soundcloud MP3 Tracklisting

Drumtrip TV Show #5 – Law

Drumtrip TV #5 was captained by myself Law, and it was fantastic voyage into very nice beats and bass. The set comes in at just over an hour and it was a real random selection, almost picking out the first vinyl that came to hand when thrusting around in the crates and shelves, and it turned out

Drumtrip TV Show #4 – DJ Loki

An unscheduled change to the Drumtrip TV listings. This week 3rd Degree couldn’t make his show due to technical problems so DJ Loki, like the soldier he is, pushed his set forward and rolled out for Drumtrip TV #4. A highly technical DJ with a huge range of taste; especially towards to the darker sounds of drum and bass

Drumtrip TV Show #3 – DJ Jamie

DJ Jamie of Section 23 did not disappoint during Drumtrip TV show number 3. A master of jump up jungle rolled out for over an hour with some of the finest dancefloor numbers from 95 and 96. MP3 Download Tracklisting DJ Nut Nut – Special Dedication – Hard Step The Dream Team – Raw Dogs (New Bass Mix) –

Drumtrip TV Show #2 – DJ Elevate

Drumtrip TV Show #2 featured DJ Elevate. It was a great selection with quick mixing and even a little bit of Hype-esque scratching too. Track List Omni Trio – Future Frontiers Cloud Nine – Jazzmin Wots My Code – Dubplate Lords Of The Null Lines – Disturbance (Tango Remix) Under Rhythm London – Sub Circle (Remix) –