Bargain Jungle: Ruby – Salt Water Fish (Peshay Remix)

salt-water-fish-peshayInspired by listening to both J- Rolla and Blick’s excellent All Peshay Mixes todays bargain jungle tune is Ruby – Salt Water Fish (Peshay Remix).

Ruby was the collaboration of singer Lesley Rankine and Mark Walk.
The duo, were originally from London, relocated to Seattle, Washington and concentrated on their trip hop / industrial styles resulting in two albums and and three remix albums.

On one of those albums Metalheadz stalwart Peshay was comissioned to remix the track Salt Water Fish.
Released in 1996 the Peshay mix might not be ground breaking but it has the ingredients we love in a remix; snippets of the original atmos and vocals, combined with cutting amen loops and sub bass. It reminds me a little of Photek’s excellent remix of Therapy? – Loose .

The track would fit nicely in any Bukem set of the time, strings aplenty and ethereal keys play out over the hectic, almost tinny amens.

The remix was released on promo with just Peshay’s work, in full on the white label on Creation records, a subsidiary of Sony music at the time.
The full length, single sided promo copy is bountiful on Discogs and can be snapped up from just £1.25 at the time of writing.

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