Drumtrip TV Show #5 – Law

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Drumtrip TV #5 was captained by myself Law, and it was fantastic voyage into very nice beats and bass.

The set comes in at just over an hour and it was a real random selection, almost picking out the first vinyl that came to hand when thrusting around in the crates and shelves, and it turned out alright.

Props to my dog who seemed to enjoy the beats and sat about licking various parts of his anatomy to the sounds of Krome and Time, Remarc, Danny Breaks and a whole heap more.

Recorded on Monday 19th March, catch the video archive below.

MP3 Download


01.. Sounds Of Life – Release The Bells – Cert 18
02.. DJ Rap & Ashton – Get Rushed – Suburban Base
03.. Intense – Paradox – Rugged Vinyl
04.. Parallel World – Tear Into It – Good Looking
05.. The Truper – Volume 1-A – Street Beats
06.. Foul Play – Being With You – Moving Shadow
07.. Dillinja – Moods – Logic
08.. Digital – Down Under – Metalheadz
09.. Krome & Time – Studio One Lik – Tearin Vinyl
10.. Remarc – RIP (Remarc Remix) – Planet Mu
11.. Andy C – Roll On – Ram
12.. Danny Breaks – Firin’ Line (Origin Unknown Remix) – Droppin’ Science
13.. Peshay – The Piano Tune – Good Looking
14.. DJ Gunshot – Wheel ‘n’ Deal – No U Turn
15.. Darkman – Dis Sound Ruff – Ministry Of Sound
16.. Tango – Understanding – Creative Wax
17.. Wardance – Sleeplessness – Formation

Thanks to everyone that tuned in, the next show will feature non other than the ever wacky Kola Nut.

About Law

Main author and creator of Drumtrip. I have been listening to and mixing drum and bass in its various forms since 1998. Drumtrip was designed to celebrate the glory years between 1991 and 1997.

  • You’re actually scum. You played 6 tunes that I was going to play. Thanks for ruining my life.

  • Law

    I am truly sorry, it was an absolute random selection. You will have to dig deep man, I know you can. You are Kola Nut Waffles.

  • Syhr

    The dog needs his own show.

  • Jonny H

    Tango – Understanding 🙂

  • Law

    Its a bit special that one innit!

  • geebo

    very nice mix indeed – props to you sir!

  • What a quality selection of tunes. Nicely done.

  • steaf

    download link doesn’t work. nice selection!!!

  • Hello mate. Download link has now been fixed!

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