All DJ Crystl Mix Part Two – by Law

DJ CrystlYou cannot fail to notice that Drumtrip (mostly me) loves pretty much everything DJ Crystl put his hand to.

No one made amens, strings and that spacey vibe to tracks like Daniel Chapman and a few years a ago I did a tribute mix to the man featuring all the biggest DJ Crystl tracks which can be found at .

Anyway, I have finally got hold of a few rarer vinyls, as well as a couple of mp3s and managed to knock a Part Two together; a selection of lesser known remixes, tunes from Deejay Recordings STU white label series and some B-sides….. but all are still huge.


01. DJ Crystl – Give It Up – STU
02. Slipmaster J – Groundhog Day (DJ Crystl Remix) – STU***
03. DJ Crystl – Let It Roll (Remix) – STU
04. Zero B – Lock Up (DJ Crystl Counterforce Remix) – Internal
05. MI5 – I Can’t Understand – Lucky Spin
06. DJ Tamsin & The Monk – A Better Place (DJ Crystl Remix) – Whitehouse
07. DJ Crystl – Live EP – STU
08. DJ Crystl – Deep Cover – Freakout Recordings
09. DJ Crystl – The Dark Crystl – Force Ten Records
10. DJ Crystl – King Of The Beats – Moving Shadow
11. DJ Crystl – Meditation (Remix) – Deejay
12. DJ Crystl – Untitled – Deep Jungle
13. Code Blue – Angels In Dub (DJ Crystl Remix) – Deejay
14. DJ Crystl – Mind Games – Earth

*** I have later found out, by asking the man DJ Crystl himself, that it was not him that remixed Groundhog Day. At the time that was listed incorrectly on Discogs, but since has been rectified.

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