Zero B – Lock Up (DJ Crystl Counterforce Remix) download

Counterforce - A Collection Of Deep BeatsYou may have get by now that Drumtrip is a huge fan of DJ Crystl, but this has to be just about his rarest or most unknown tune.
Zero B’s Lock Up was a flat out rave classic but DJ Crystl dropped a very nice, but subtle remix here.
Released only on the super rare Counterforce – A Collection Of Deep Beats LP alongside a few other Crystl gems and bits from Lemon D and Hyper On Experience there tunes rolls out nicely, with typical Crystl pitched beats and deep strings.

It would appear it was only ever released on this album, on both CD and vinyl and nowhere else since and I finally stumbled across a decent copy when browsing the excellent Blog To The Oldskool site, so much thanks to them, the original post can be found here.

Audio, you can download a copy here courtesy of Blog To The Oldskool or check the video below.

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