Bargain Jungle: DJ Crystl – Warp Drive (Remix)

dj-crystl-warpdrive-remix-deejayIt took me a while to really appreciate Warp Drive remix after being so obsessed by the original for years, but this is the kind of tune you need to listen to extremely loud, or with headphones and let it just take you away.

It is a fantastic remix, every aspect of the original has been changed but the pattern and key elements are all still there.
Instead of an amen you have a ingeniously cut ‘Let A Woman Be A Woman’ break (as used in Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force). This break is harsh, abrasive and does not flow as nicely as the original amen but that sort of adds to the appeal, the original mix had its moments but this version is seriously dark to begin with.
Familiar sounding synths begin the build up to something big, and when it eventually breaks down it is arguably even more euphoric and other-worldly than the original.

The whole tune just sounds massive, like an event on a universal scale, kind of like Darth Vader built the Death Star not as a intergalactic weapon but as an advanced Digital Audio Workstation, and its first job was to remix Warp Drive.

I’m sure I have mentioned it on here before but DJ Crystl was on another level really, and only he could do the original Warp Drive justice.
Oh and I nearly forgot to mention the flipside which is the epic Meditation Remix, imagine if the original mix and ‘Your Destiny’ were spliced together, thats what you get. Typical crunchy Crystl amens and more string and vocal goodness than you can handle.

The vintage bit of Deejay Recordings wax is available for the scandalously cheap price of £3.25 on discogs (at time of writing).

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