Dillinja Archive

Drumtrip Sessions #09 – Serum

I feel like a broken record, but it’s been a long time since the last Drumtrip Session. Quality over quantity is very much the mantra here, and this session was well worth waiting for.  Serum of Dread and V Recordings (among many others) speaks to us about his love for jungle, before laying down a

Drumtrip Sessions #08 – DJ Vapour

Session number eight is supplied by DJ Vapour. As well as running his own successful drum and bass imprint 36 Hertz, Vapour has had releases on labels such as Dread, 31 Records, C.I.A. and Basement. He is known as one of the scene’s premier remixers, updating classic tracks like Maximum Style, We Are IE, Living In

Law – Deep Jungle Vol 6

Time for the 7th installment and 6th volume of my Deep Jungle series which started back in 2007. So far the series has visited a lot of the smooth and atmospheric moments from 1994/1997 on labels such as Good Looking, Basement, Photek and more, mostly the more drum and bass styled productions after 1994s jungle

Drumtrip Sessions #06 – Tim Reaper

Drumtrip Session number 6 is delivered by Tim Reaper. The young London based producer has so far had releases on AlphaCut, 36 Hertz as well as DJ Trace’s DSCI4 imprint – Including a amentastic remix of one of my favourite Trace tunes ‘Final Chapta‘. For this Session Tim focuses on the period in the 90s when everyone wanted

Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs (Unreleased Mix)

We haven’t posted too many unreleased tunes on here, but I am pretty sure that this is my most wanted, and favourite of any unreleased jungle track out there. Deadly Deep Subs was first released in 1994 on one of Dillinja’s many mini-labels ‘Deadly Vinyl. All in all there were three mixes, the original, a

Dillinja – Southside (Riffin Mix)

The tune of today is one of my favourite tunes by the legendary Karl Francis. ‘Southside‘ may not be one of his most celebrated or played jungle tracks but to me it encapsulates everything that Dillinja was about at that point. Ragga and dub influences, but moving towards that Drum and Bass sound. It starts