Dillinja Archive

Haste & Equinox 1993 Jungle Tekno mix

To help promote Sci-Wax and the Rolldabeats night at the Castle, Equinox and Haste recorded this live on his Sci-Wax radio. I guested on Equinox’s Scientific Wax radio show last Sunday and there’s a little mp3 recording of it to download if you’re into that kinda thing 00:00 – Equinox A load of new Scientific

History Of Dillinja Mixes – by The Law

I’m a huge Dillinja fan and have been an avid collector of his oldskool work for several years now, during that time I have knocked up 4 separate mixes with different tunes in honour of the great Karl Francis. These mixes range from 1993 to around 2002, during this period he was he most prolific

Law, Kola Nut, Stimpy, Ripon & J Funk – The Essential Jungle Mix

Myself and a few others knocked this up way back in 2006, and fitting perfectly in our designated timezone at Drumtrip, it makes sense to add it. You can see the original 2006 thread at breakbeat.co.uk here This basically consisted of each DJ doing their seperate parts, and then my good self pasted them all

Bargain Jungle: NGO – Windermere (The Jungle Mixes)

This release was by JVC to promote Tekken on the original Playstation and not only is it cheap, its features five wicked tunes in on one plate. You get remixes from from jungle heavy hitters T-Power, Dillinja, Lemon D and two mixes from Dubtronix, all from as little as £1.50 on discogs. I uploaded Dubtronix’s