Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs (Unreleased Mix)

dubplate-masteringWe haven’t posted too many unreleased tunes on here, but I am pretty sure that this is my most wanted, and favourite of any unreleased jungle track out there.

Deadly Deep Subs was first released in 1994 on one of Dillinja’s many mini-labels ‘Deadly Vinyl. All in all there were three mixes, the original, a remix on Deadly Vinyl, then another VIP mix on Metalheadz’ remix label Razors Edge.
All three mixes extensively sampled the classic Techno cut ‘Just Want Another Chance’ by Reese Saunderson. Yes, the track that provided the sample for the ‘Reese’ bassline invasion that was to come later that year.

My favourite mix was probably the Deadly Vinyl remix. It had the dark strings of ‘Just Want Another Chance’, a booming bassline combined with a masterfully cut up ‘Think’ break. The mix was loud and smacking, unlike the original which despite being a fantastic tune, sounded really muddy. In fact when the bass drops on the original it consumes the rest of the track, drowning out the other elements a bit.

But, this mix might even top the Deadly Vinyl one. I have only ever heard this on one set, Randall @ AWOL in May 1994. An utterly brilliant set I might add.
You can hear the damage this version does when Randall drops it, as it gets hauled up three times. This remix is perhaps slightly more for the dancefloor, and also features the ‘Jah Know Ya Big’ vocal sample as used in the track of the same name the following year. The sample actually comes from a old hip hop track by KRS One associate ‘Just-Ice’ on the intro of the track ‘Lyric Licking‘.

Anyway, I guess it goes without saying that this mix will never see the light of day. It must be knocking around on DAT somewhere but for all I know, that Randall dub might have been the only one ever in existence. What I would do for a copy….

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