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Brian Badonde – All 1993 Dillinja [#DILL] Mix

A mix I’ve been trying to get Drumtrip Radio stalwart Brian Badonde to record for quite some time this. Dillinja really started to flourish and become a staple of the jungle/drum and bass scene in 1994, and by 1997 it was fair to say he was one of the undisputed masters of the genre. This

Drumtrip Radio #028 – Law [04/02/15]

After a month off, Law returned to Drumtrip Radio with a Lemon D vs Dillinja soundclash! Who do you think won? Get the schedule and archives for Drumtrip Radio at drumtrip.co.uk/radio/ Follow us and get alerts for the shows at mixlr.com/drumtrip/ Tracklist 01. Capone – Untitled (Black Wax EP) – Target 02. Underworld – The

Law – All Artist / Producer Mixes

If you’ve been following Drumtrip you’ll know I have knocked up a fair few all artist mixes over the years. I’m aware that plenty of people are not really a fan of these types of mixes, thinking they are a bit lazy or obvious. I can understand that argument to an extent – it would be easy to

Law – Unreleased Jungle Selection

If there is one thing synonymous with jungle (or is that infamous?), its dubplate culture. Whilst the dubplate may be more a symbol of the past in these digital times, anyone into D&B for 10+ years will probably remember waiting for months on end for that tune, they heard on the radio or in a

Jam One – Dubplate Jungle Mix [March 2014]

I spotted this over at DNBA forums, forum member Jam One has put together a superb selection of unreleased, hard-to-find, and remade tunes. There are some real gems in here such as a remake of the unreleased Tango & Fallout track “Revelations”, an unreleased Dillinja dubplate “Baby Your”, and the almost mythical Photek track “Feeling

Law – All Dillinja Mix Part IV (Bonus Beats)

Despite part three supposedly being the “final chapter”, I have aquired a few more tracks that have been eluding me over the years. A selection from 1993 right up until Dillinja’s debut album “Cybotron” in 2001. It turns out I had more than enough tunes and managed to squeeze in 25 tracks spanning 8 years