Jam One – Dubplate Jungle Mix [March 2014]

dubplate-I spotted this over at DNBA forums, forum member Jam One has put together a superb selection of unreleased, hard-to-find, and remade tunes.

There are some real gems in here such as a remake of the unreleased Tango & Fallout track “Revelations”, an unreleased Dillinja dubplate “Baby Your”, and the almost mythical Photek track “Feeling Up”.

A word from Jam One himself…

Just a little mix of unreleased jungle tunes and VIP’s from cd albums and re-makes.

I know some technically came out but they are not that easy to get. Also please do not ask me for any tunes as I have been ordered to guard some of these with my life.
Big up to the Re-make community out there!


Jam One – Dubplate Jungle Mix [March 2014] by Drumtrip on Mixcloud

01 DJ SS – Black Remix
02 Unknown – Champion Sound 95 (Renegade Genius Remake)
03 Noise Factory – The Future (A-Sides Remix)
04 Int Rude Boys – Drum Program (Tango Remix)
05 Da Intalex – I Like It 96 Remix
06 Asylum – Bass 2 Dark VIP (DJ Destiny Remix)
07 P-Funk P-Funk Era (Zinc Remix)
08 Krust – Angles (Dubplate mix)
09 Invisible Man – Untitled
10 FBD Project – The Core (Advanc3d Remix)
11 Original Substitute – Can I Dream
12 Roger Johnson – Crazy Day Dreams
13 Photek – Mindgames 95
14 Dillinja – Baby Your
15 Ray Keith – Sing Time Vip
16 DJ Fallout – Revelations (DJ Nee Dubplate Remake)
17 Photek – Feeling Up
18 LTJ Bukem – Atmospherical Jubilancy
19 DJ Krust – Asian Love Dance Remix
20 Dillinja – Lionheart VIP
21 Basic Influence – Still Waters (Dubplate Mix)
22 Studio Pressure – Pressure 3 (Ray Keith VIP)

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