Brian Badonde – All 1993 Dillinja [#DILL] Mix

A mix I’ve been trying to get Drumtrip Radio stalwart Brian Badonde to record for quite some time this.

Dillinja really started to flourish and become a staple of the jungle/drum and bass scene in 1994, and by 1997 it was fair to say he was one of the undisputed masters of the genre. This mix however takes us through his early pre-1994 days, when his productions had more of a hardcore flavour to them – the production skills may not have been fully honed yet, but the vibe was certainly there.

The common factor with all these 1993 tunes, regardless of what label they were on (Target, Waveform, Cybotron etc) nearly all had a catalogue number #DILL in common. Here’s a few words on the mix by Brian…

I’ve been meaning to do this mix for over a year now since I finally tracked down my last needed bit of DILL on wax. This is early, dark, blueprint, prototype Dillinja business from 1993… a far cry from his subsequent jungle works but instantly recognisable as his given the signatory big breaks, loud production and low hard hitting basslines.

It does make me shed a jungle tear when I hear his current production compared to this, the beginnings of his golden era masterworks. For the keen of ear and eye, you will spot KARL 001 at the end. This should have been a DILL press in my opinion and I couldn’t sign off a mix such as this, without including it.

This little lot was tough going to mix, so enjoy (and don’t look at the current prices that records are being punted for.

True enough – I was keen to do this mix myself but I’m missing a few and some of these tunes, such as the Cybotron and Waveform tracks, go for silly money on Discogs now days.

Anyway, enjoy.

1. Dillinja – Steal The Way [DILL 01]
2. Capone – Lock Me Out [DILL 02]
3. Dillinja – Forever Fierce [DILL 01]
4. Capone – Dark Influence [DILL 02]
5. Dillinja – From Beyond [DILL 03]
6. Dillinja & Clarky – Sinewave [DILL 04]
7. Dillinja – Ride It Hard [DILL 03]
8. Dillinja & Clarky – Dark Science [DILL 04]
9. Capone – Black Wax EP (Untitled A1) [DILL 05]
10. Dillinja – Majestic B-Line EP (Untitled A1) [DILL 06]
11. Capone – Black Wax EP (Untitled A2) [DILL 05]
12. Dillinja – Majestic B-Line EP (Untitled A2) [DILL 06]
13. Capone – Black Wax EP (Untitled B1) [DILL 05]
14. Dillinja – Majestic B-Line EP (Untitled B1) [DILL 06]
15. Capone – Black Wax EP (Untitled B2) [DILL 05]
16. Dillinja – Majestic B-Line EP (Untitled B2) [DILL 06]
17. Digitech – Imperial Stix EP (Untitled A1) [DILL 07]
18. Dillinger – Test /2/ (Untitled A1) [DILL 08]
19. Digitech – Imperial Stix EP (Untitled A2) [DILL 07]
20. Dillinger – Test /2/ (Untitled B1) [DILL 08]
21. Digitech – Imperial Stix EP (Untitled B1) [DILL 07]
22. Dillinger – Test /2/ (Untitled B2) [DILL 08]
23. Digitech – Imperial Stix EP (Untitled B2) [DILL 07]
24. Underworld – The Rising [KARL 001] *Mix Finale*

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