Tune Of The Day Archive

Darkman – String Of Darkness

Killer hardcore beats from DJ SS and EQ‘s alter ego Darkman from a couple of decades ago, 1992 to be precise. The standard formula is there: bouncing 4-4 beats, pitched up vocals (the same as used on Rufige Kru’s immense “Believe“) and the inevitable piano lick but this is more than just your average stomper. Taken from a

Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs (Unreleased Mix)

We haven’t posted too many unreleased tunes on here, but I am pretty sure that this is my most wanted, and favourite of any unreleased jungle track out there. Deadly Deep Subs was first released in 1994 on one of Dillinja’s many mini-labels ‘Deadly Vinyl. All in all there were three mixes, the original, a

E.Q.P. – Yellom Eel

Something on a bit more of a hardcore tip here but a tune that is a step away from the standard chipmunk and cheese and sounds and tad more experimental than the tracks that came out at the same time. Tucked away as the last tune on a four track EP and essentially a re-edit/toughening

The Concrete Junglist – Southern California

Mainly known for his Ribbon in the Sky track that was big in ’94 and featured on the hugely popular Jungle Hits 1 compilaton Lloydie Crucial put out a string of top jungle tunes back in the day on his own Lloydie Crucial Productions label. Most weren’t much more than an R&B sample pasted over

Dillinja – Southside (Riffin Mix)

The tune of today is one of my favourite tunes by the legendary Karl Francis. ‘Southside‘ may not be one of his most celebrated or played jungle tracks but to me it encapsulates everything that Dillinja was about at that point. Ragga and dub influences, but moving towards that Drum and Bass sound. It starts

Adam F – Circles (Remix)

Circles itself needs no introduction being one of the seminal jungle/drum and bass tracks from the 90’s. This remix however is the ultra rare one sided etched promo copy released exclusively on Section 5 Records in limited numbers. Reportedly only sent to key dnb djs and with limited distribution in record shops this retails at a hefty