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T.Power – Prospect For Democracy

In 1992, Dave Stone and Norton Blue, owners of the Trinity Studios in London, set up the UK hardcore label DJ Only Records, renamed a year later to the Sound Of The Underground Records* (SOUR); one of the most influential collectives of the mid-90s jungle/drum and bass scene. The first signing of the label was

UB40 – Until My Dying Day (Icons remix)

Dep International (DEPDJX4512, 1996) By the first half of the 90s, UB40’s constant touring had taken its toll and the band was ready for a well-earned rest. During their sabbatical, several of the band’s members worked on their own musical projects. Earl Falconer, the group’s bassist, would follow his passion outside UB40, engaging in jungle/drum

The Committee – Final Conflict (Tango remix)

Creative Wax CW107 [1995] Ashley Brown (aka DJ Pulse, owner of Creative Wax and 1/3 of the hardcore act Dance Conspiracy alongside Adrian Shortman and James Hoyte) and Jamie Giltrap (aka Tango), both regular artists of the Creative Wax collective, joined forces in 1995 for the one-off project The Committee. The duo reunited after the