S.T. Files – Sky High

HORIZON  DIGITAL CAMERAMark XTC & Marcus Intalex’s label put out a handful of nice releases back in the mid 90s, the biggest probably being their I Like It remix which received heavy plays at the time and still pops up in old sets a fair bit. The rest of the releases are well worth checking out if you’ve never heard them before.

Most are cheap to pick up and the tunes were generally prime examples of slightly more laid back, rolling jungle tunes that stepped away from the standard amen assault but still managed to get butts moving on the dancefloor.

After a few tunes around this time ST Files seemed to disappear for a little bit but returned in the 2000s teaming up with Marcus to release classic after classic on his new label Soul:R as well as some stone cold classic D&B on big labels like 31 and Metalheadz, which I’m sure need no introduction.

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