Bargain Jungle Archive

Bargain Jungle: Carlito – Heaven

Many people would associate both the name Carlito and the label Creative Source with the soulful dnb explosion of the early noughties. While it’s accurate to say these were some of the most fruitful years for both label and artist they had both been banging that soulful drum for many years previous. In 1995, at

Sleepwalker – Age Of Aquarius (No Surrender, No Retreat) (L.D Rmx)

It’s been a while but today’s bargain jungle track is worth waiting for. This one was released in 1993 on the very short-lived label ‘Hardtimes Recordings‘, so short in fact this was the debut and final release the imprint produced.  I can only assume it was launched by the producer Sleepwalker, but there is little

Bargain Jungle: Subliminal – Feel Like I Do

Great little track here I have never heard anywhere else. I pilfered it from some big collection I was viewing from a guy in Harlow, Essex who I got in touch with via eBay a few years back. He was one of those rarest of people who either didn’t have a clue of the value

EZ Rollers – Retro

It’s sad…  In the 20th century, in the 1990s we have to still go the same bullshit route that other artists have to go to get acceptance. If it wasn’t for the independents, if it wasn’t for the small little cities, and the few little ghetto guys trying to make music it would have never happened. Some of these

Sedzy – Go Ina It

Massive amen tune from Sedzy on L-Double’s Flex Records. This was tucked away on the b-side of All My Love but was the way stronger tune on the releases in my opinion. I’ve opened with this one a couple of times when playing out and it always got the place jumping instantly. Flex put out

Bargain Jungle – DJ Soul Slinger – Abducted (T-Power Remix)

DJ Soul Slinger has been a pioneer of electronic music in the US for several years. As the founder and creative head of Liquid Sky Music and Liquid Sky D-Sign, he has been responsible for some of the most forward-thinking music and clothing to emerge from the New York City underground. He started releasing jungle in 1994